7 Additional Times That Poor Ann Coulter Was the Victim of a World Gone Mad

The Broken Tostitos Affair. “Hey @Tostitos, you mind telling me why there were FOUR broken chips at the bottom of my bag when I paid for WHOLE chips? Should be deported!”

The BLT Incident. “Ordered a BLT and was RUDELY told by an employee that laundromats don’t serve BLT’s! Mind telling me why? Deport yourself!”

The Carwash Debacle. “Local carwash raised their price from $2 to $2.50! I demand an explanation and deportation IN THAT ORDER! Deport the whities, too!”

The Cable Tragedy. “Called to complain that channels other than FoxNews were on TV. Cable employee kept referring to my ‘package’! VERY offended! #deport”

The First Amendment SNAFU. “Woman had the AUDACITY to tell me she was Muslim after I hounded her about her faith! Jesus will deport her to Hell! #convert #repent”

The Squatters Situation. “I found two liberal gnomes living in my thumb! Won’t even pay rent, claiming squatters rights! Deport them to Gnomikistan! #NotCrazyThisTime”

The Afgjhearhj Event. “Afgjhearhj hguheia hghhauhawe jgjreig  hahwjgjgj  jgjrjajuwhefg jgregaheigjhegrkd djkfheerkjgh covfefe agrhalkjrha ahgmbmbvmti. Deport!”

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